We are a wholesale manufacturer of the only accurate and up to date scale models of the solar system on the market. Our models accurately reflect the true relationship of our sun, planets and moons.  These models make excellent aids for the classroom, and can be a beautiful addition to your child's room. 
  Our contemporary models are expertly crafted and feature the planets and moons mounted on clear acrylic pedestals that insert into durable plastic bases finished in an exquisite black starry night effect or an elegant gray granite. This excellent portable design allows for quick assembly in the classroom. The sun is finished in a dynamic yellow texture with built in clasp for easy hanging.
  Our modern golden oak models were designed for your home or office.  They will accent any decor, a skilled blending of science and art. 
  All models include the sun, planets, major moons, the Asteroid belt, the Kuiper belt, and the first 3 officially recognized classification of objects called dwarf planets- Ceres, Eris and Pluto.  A  scale/distance chart in English/metric is included with each model.

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Scale Solar System Model 101
Scale        2 Billion to 1
Standard model with a 27 inch diameter sun.
All models  are available with your choice of
bases finished in an exquisite starry night black
or in an elegant gray granite.
Sun is finished in a dynamic yellow texture.

Scale Solar System Model 201
  Scale      1 Billion to 1
Deluxe model with a 54 inch tri-folding diameter sun
allows for easy and convient portability to the               classroom. All models come with a framed and            reversible scale and distance chart in English and        metric.

Scale Solar System Model 301
  Scale      4 Billion to 1
Miniature model with a 13.5 inch sun.

Scale Solar System Model 501
   Scale     2 Billion to 1             
Golden oak standard model.
The bases and a 27 inch diameter sun are made in       oak and  are designed with your home or office in         mind.   It's highly accurate and elegant design will        accent any decor. 

Scale Solar System Model 601
   Scale     1 Billion to 1               
Golden oak deluxe model
with a 54 inch diameter sun
Saturn shown in the 3 different sizes available.
Miniature, standard and
Model 101 -   $79.00
Shipping   -  
in the U.S.    $20.00
Model 201 - $139.00
in the U.S.
2 Boxes    -  $40.00
Model 301    - $49.00
in the U.S.   - $15.00
Model 501 -   $99.00
in the U.S  -  $20.00
Model 601 -   $179.00
in the U.S.
2 Boxes   
1 std box -  $25.00
1 xl box   -  $40.00
When ordering models 101, 201 or 301 if you would
like gray granite bases, please specify in the note section of your order.
Starry night bases
Gray granite bases
Model 101

Model 501
  Model 601
Golden oak bases
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  Deluxe Model 201
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Model 301
Deluxe Model uses a
1 Billion to 1 scale
Standard Model uses
2 Billion to 1 scale
Miniature Model uses
4 Billion to 1 scale
Scale Solar System
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Scale - 1 Billion to 1
Scale - 2 Billion to 1
Scale - 4 Billion to 1
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Model 401 Decktop Model
A compact  desktop  display not much bigger then a snow globe.  It has a 5 inch diameter base and is 11 inches in height. 
Model uses a 4 billion to 1 scale.  Planets are displayed in an elegent, spiral design
Model 401 D  - $39.00
in the U.S.        $10.00