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Our company was founded in 2008 and is located in Winchester ,Virginia. We manufacture the only scale models of the solar system that accurately reflect the true relationship of our sun, planets, and moons. These models make excellent educational aids for the classroom, and can be a beautiful addition to your child's room.
Let your aspiring astronaut experience its spectatular beauty and the incredible vastness that is skillfully shown in our models.
The planets and major moons are mounted on clear acrylic rods that insert into durable and environmentally friendly recycled plastic bases finished in an exquisite starry night effect or an elegant gray granite.  The bases are engraved with the names of the planets and moons and can be assembled in minutes.  This design allows for easy transport to and from the classroom.

Traditional and Modern Styles
Our modern Golden oak models were designed with your home or office in mind. A skillfull blending of art and science.
We manufacture our products in the U.S. and 90% of the components
are also manufactured
in the U.S.
Product review Model 101
David A Huestis, the adjunct Professor of Astronomy
Bryant University
I've been an amateur astronomer for 35 years and a member of Skyscrapers Inc. and the Amateur Astronomical Society of Rhode Island.  Often we have presented "scale of the solar system" programs to various scout and civic groups.  We have used everyday objects to represent the sun and planets.
For the sun we have used a soccer or bowling ball, each 8 inches in diameter.  For convience we used a rounded diameter of 800,000 miles for the sun.  The planet sizes ranged from pinheads to peanuts and walnuts.  This scale gives the model its name, "The Thousand Yard Model."  Pluto ends up 1,019 yards away.
I was provided an opportunity to teach an astronomy lab at Bryant University in the spring of 2009.  I thought
it was time to upgrade the model and searched the web for hours on end but failed to find what I was looking for.
In October 2009, I found an ad for a scale model of the solar system.  I decided to purchase Model 101.  This
model very well demonstrates the size comparisions of the planets, moons and sun to one another.  When not in use, I plan to mount the model in my home library for everyone to see.  I, for one, am very happy to retire my soccer ball to the sidelines.  I only wish I had found this product a few years earlier.

David A. Huestis
Why do we show Jupiter with a ring?
Yes, Jupiter does have a ring but it cannot be seen from our vantage point on Earth. 
In 1979, after a successful fly-by of Jupiter, by the Voyager spacecraft, the scientists at Mission Control had the spacecraft turn its cameras around and take a parting picture of Jupiter.  To their surprise, highlighted by the sun was a faint ring encircling Jupiter. 

Educational Products
         of Virginia
Clear display shelf
Shelf is recessed away from the wall allowing you to display the sun directly behind the planets. 
Shelf is for model 101, 301 or 501. 
Priced at $39.00
Display shelf
Brass name plates
For that special someone, we offer engraved brass name plates for the planets and moons.  Adding an elegant touch to their model. 
Priced at $99.00
Available options for your model
Set of 20
Brass name plates
I received the 101 model with the starry night bases yesterday.  Bravo!  This is a superb model for educating the public about the scale of the solar system.  I speak at many schools, K through 12 and the portability of this model will be a great asset to me. 

Thank you! 
J. Woytach
Ridgeville, Ohio
I received the oak model 501 and it is outstanding.  If you are in education, it really tells it all and will be a delight to work with in the classroom.  The service is unbelievably fast and good.  I'm glad I saw this and acted upon it.

R. Liebeek
The Netherlands
Questions, bulk orders call
1-540-545-7870 or email at
Power convertor
For use in Europe or the Middle East , plugs into your outlets and converts voltage to 110 for lighted models.
Priced at $24.00
Power convertor
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Just received Model 201 (their largest) and Model 301 (their smallest)  solar system models. They arrived here in St. Louis in excellent condition. I appreciate the care that went into their packaging. Especially at this time of year, it wouldn't take much for a hurried delivery driver to damage a 4-1/2 foot wide folding sun ( Model 201), but it to arrived in perfect condition. 
The workmanship and build quality of both models is spot on.  Everything fits, even small details such as, an inclined Kuiper Belt, are evident throughout.. The supplied instructions and distance chart leave little to chance. 
On the 201 model, I was fully expecting large scale planetary  diameters and orbital  distances, but I wasn't emotionally prepared  to heft into my hands a massive, beautifully rendered Saturn, with a ring system almost as wide as a vintage LP album and mighty Jupiter was certainly mighty indeed.
With the introduction of these scale models, Educational Products of Virginia has provided a valuable service to educators, merit badge counselors (that would be me) and other outreach folks in the astro comunity.
These are exceptional, findly crafted, well thought out teaching tools.

Bob Myler
St. Louis, MO.